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Online exhibitions II

New Towns Online

New Towns are now old enough to have their own history, to be re-assessed and to rebuild. They have become a subject of study by contemporary artists, urban designers and journalists.

Clare Strand and John Kippin were each commissioned by Fotonet-south to research and produce work, specifically for this website, on one or more new towns in the south of England. The aim of the commission was to give the artists the opportunity to look beyond the exteriors and study the New Towns from new perspectives , suggesting a move away from the late 20th century tradition of cool detached urban photography, and to create work that would be an individual response to looking at and learning more about these particular urban environments.

Clare Strand and John Kippin have produced two very different new exhibitions online which successfully offer new ways of viewing the contemporary New Town.

You should ensure you are using the following minimum specifications: PC or Macintosh:

screen resolution: 800 x 600 suggested minimum
1,000s of colours
56k modem connection, broadband recommended
600 MHz processor
Windows 98 SE or Mac OS System 9 and above
Flash Player version 6 or above
For video playback:
Quick Time Player version 6, Windows Media Player 8, or Real Player 8 or above.


Photographs by Mar Mateo, poetry by Ade Morris

The Road is a multidisciplinary project that looked at a typical inner city residential street that was a suburb when first built in the mid-nineteenth century. This first stage culminated in a conference "The Urban Hinterland - Perspectives on a Changing Society" which took place in Southampton November 19 2003.

Mar Mateo was commissioned to take photographs of the street and received a Bursary from Fotonet-south. Ade Morris based his poems on live recordings made by the Oral History Unit, Southampton City Council. Recordings of Ade reading his poems will be added to the online exhibition soon.

View The Road